RDA Coffs Harbour & Districts is an established Centre located at Valery Trails Riding Centre owned and operated by Clarry and Mary Quirk.

As numerous people with disabilities were being bought out to us for rides it became evident that such a facility should be made available. This led us to become a RDA NSW accredited Centre.

 Our Centre has many facilities available to us by sponsorship from Valery Trails, such as  our 17+ horses, two outdoor arenas, 20 enclosed stables, white fenced paddocks, swimming pool and tea & coffee area.

The benefits of riding combine both physical and psychological aspects. It is a valuable segment of rehabilitation programs because, as well as having a therapeutic value, it is a stimulating and enjoyable activity. It can also be used to provide sporting and recreational programs to those whose opportunities for these may be limited.
Language skills are developed by bringing language into games and exercises. Also in many cases, being with the horses seems to unleash some riders’ inhibition about talking.
Individual programs are developed for each rider and progress is monitored. The classes are varied and include the use of games, music, co-ordination exercises and trail rides.
All coaches with RDA are qualified. RDA Coaches have skills in horse mastership, safety, medical knowledge, first aid, teaching and the selection and training of horses

We are a Non-profit organization and rely on Volunteers, Fundraising, Donations and Sponsors. We currently have 30 riders, 5 coaches, 1 trainee coach, 17+ horses and not enough volunteers.
Become a volunteer and assist in providing a chance for people with a disability to experience horse riding. Experience with horses is not necessary as there are other activities such as fundraising and administration.


Our orientation and training days are held at the beginning of each school term.


Days of Operation  :       Tuesday 8am – 5pm  (school terms)



Mary Quirk – Senior Coach on 02 66534301

Gillian Hobson – Secretary on  0422 828222


or   gillianhobson07@gmail.com