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Horse Friends Equine Assisted Program  

 The Equine Assisted Programs are facilitated by  Mary Quirk, who holds multiple qualifications with the RDA and a lengthy history of working with groups of children and horses in a variety of contexts. Mary has an educational background in Psychology, which is evidenced by the principles and framework embedded in the program design.  The Horse Friends Equine Assisted Program - Grounding has been specifically designed with a key understanding of Youth needs and the importance of a client centred, trauma informed approach to effectively  engaging this cohort.

                                                       No prior horse experience is required.                                                            

The Horse Friends Equine Assisted Program - Grounding , assists individuals to build self esteem, empathy, resilience and strength. The course focuses on emotions, feelings and body language by communicating with horses. This helps students to enhance relationships, increase respect for others as well as themselves, develop emotional control and self-discipline,  and improve  their ability  to  handle  difficult situations .

Horse Friends recognises these are core skills required for young people to undertake study, gain and maintain employment, increase social development, confidence and resilience, and to reach their own unique goals.


Specifically, the program teaches individuals the basics of natural horsemanship ground skills (no riding involved) which are based on mutual respect and trust between horse and handler. Through the program students are able recap on the prior week's learning and reflect on their skill, or see that the continued behaviour pattern is not working allowing  them to  adopt a new approach. The continued use of the equine partner helps the clients to see that subtle changes in their approach can show a significant change within their equine partner.


No prior horse knowledge is required . The program is about building communication using a horse as the tool.


Horse Friends Equine Assisted Programs are designed to be flexible and individual courses con be discussed on an as need basis.

phone: 0432810170

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A story of hope

A story of hope

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